Ok, this is the part where I share with you what comics I read.  By seeing what my tastes are you can judge me as a person, see the influences on my work and just generally get a skewed picture of the person I am.  I'll try to break the list up into different schools of comics.  Let's take a look, shall we?

                                                Comics by people I know

        First on the list is Socialized Medicine.  It's by my friend Ben and it's about a tapeworm (penis).  It's... well, it's frightening.  But he's a friend.

        Then there's Beakniks.  This is penned by my friend Horatio the half mad, though I give him more credit than that.  Alternately, you can get a feed-link to it on LJ here.

        Also by a Beaknik (huh, I guess I am too) is Passengers.  It's panel a day can be found here.

                                                Real comics (not this crappy "web-comic" shit)

        Doonesbury.  This should be your news source and savior.

        And there's always the ever controversial Boondocks.

        Here's Get Fuzzy.  It's pretty funny.  I dunno, there's a lot more noise about this comic and I see in the strip.  But it's ok.  Go for it.

                                                Standards.  If you don't read these I laugh at you.  From afar.

        Questionable Content has taken place at the top of my list.  It's the second comic I read each day (second only to reading my own while I masturbate to my greatness).  It's funny, witty, good looking and still has interesting stories to tell.

        Penny Arcade.  That's really all to say, isn't it?

        Men in Hats.  Read the archive.

        Cat and Girl.  Where Weezer meets Jesus.  Then Jesus turns emo and rocks out.

        Angst Technology is like Penny Arcade but nerdier...  Imagine Dilbert if it never sucked.  And they made computer games.  Ok, it's nothing like Dilbert, which is why it's good.

        Diesel Sweeties.  For the emo/indie rocker/porn star in you

        Jeremy is great on the quirkier end of greatness.  If the guy ever updates.

        OK Pants.  Ok, I don't really follow this one.  But it has 'pants' in the title.

                                                Plot-centric comics

        Scary-Go-Round.  If you haven't read it all then you should.  And Bobbins.

        Wapsi Square.  Cute girls, gods of alcohol and relationship problems.  Just like your life.


        Copper is more of a panel than a comic.  They look great though.  Take a peek.


        The unfeasible adventures of Beaver and Steve is the most linear in this group.  So silly, you'll probably laugh.

        Patches is cute mixed with "what-the-fuck" goodness.

        JerkCity is only the "what-the-fuck" goodness.

        No 4th Wall to Break delivers exactly what it promises.

        Red Meat.  Fuck, I don't even know how to comment on this.  Been headed down a repetitive path recently, but still better than most of what's out there.

                                                Comics I don't actually read

        Return to Sender.  I found this a while back, and it had already stopped running.  It looks great, just haven't had a chance to go through the archive.

        Sam and Fuzzy.  I hear good things, but also don't get around to reading back so I don't know what's going on.

        Something Positive.  I've left worst for last.  This started out great (just read the first one to see) and went so far downhill that it's now like a personal comic-hell.  what happened?  Why did you turn into a soap opera?  Why are you trying to redeem and round out unrealistic characters?  They used to be caricatures.  Now they're like angsty nerds and no one wants a nerd-soap opera.  Read the archives and feel yourself die a little inside.

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